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Beginning the Journey

Hand-in-hand we start the journey

Hand-in-hand we start the journey

Welcome Willard Elementary Teachers to our page! 

This is a place for all of us to have a voice;  a place for us to share ideas, learn from one another, and to stay connected with teachers across the district. 

During the year I will  post links for resources, meeting dates, and questions for discussion.   As you implement teaching strategies and activities  in your classroom, this will be a wonderful way to share how things are going. 

To get us started at the beginning of our new school year, please share with us something that must be in place in order for you to be most effective in the classroom.  For example, my room must be arranged and ready to go before I can think about lesson plans.  I need to know where I will meet with my small groups, where the large group space will be, where the writing supplies will be located, etc.  A teacher friend of mine, however, always plans out an exciting “Get to Know You” activity before she tackles the room setup.  She says it gets her excited about the year to come. 

What about you?  What do you do in order to begin the first day of school feeling ready to go?  Please share your ideas and comments with the rest of us! 

Good luck with everything!  I will be checking in to see how I can help you as you get ready to go.  Don’t hesitate to call or email if I can help!  Enjoy the journey!