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Spelling Workshop

j0184974Happy Second Week of School!  I hope your year started off well.  I’ve had the opportunity to check in with several of you and hope I will get to visit with the rest of you this week. 

One of the topics of conversation this week has been Spelling Workshop.  As I drop in on grade level collaborations, I will share a couple of ideas I have and hope to take with me ideas that you have.  As we work together this year, I want us to take the time to reflect on what is working or what is not working and why.  There are several ways to use technology with Spelling Workshop.  Matt, Rachel and I are working together to bring in ideas that will support you.  Please help us by reflecting on what we bring in and letting us know how it is working.

This week I will be visiting with some of you about creating your Spelling Strategies anchor chart.  What spelling strategies do you teach at your grade level?  During collaboration, we will discuss what has worked in the past, what you hope to try this year, and a little research on spelling to guide us.

I’ve finished the Science and Social Studies Curriculum Cards and will get them to you as soon as the printing is finished.  We will use these to help us look at the curriculum we teach, so each time we meet as a grade level team, please bring your cards.   I’ve also placed our order with Dr. Marcum for the DOK flipcharts.  They will certainly come in handy as we work this year.

There are several things I want to add to our blog, so please check back each week.  There will always be a Strategy of the Week for you to think about and try.  There will also be other resources for you.  Be sure to check out the resources on Matt and Rachel’s site, too. 

Have a good week!