Settling In

j0178919When I was in the classroom, I always looked forward to having the first round of  parent-teacher conferences finished.  I knew that my year was about to settle down just a bit.  The fall round of DRA was finished, my writing samples had been assessed and I was using them to guide my instruction, and Guided Reading was up and going.  The month of November always seemed to flow as I settled in and tried to refine my Reading and Writing Workshops.

I think my job as a teaching specialist is about to settle in also.  We have given the DRAs and taken our writing samples.  Our District Literacy Team is working to come up with anchor papers for us to use with our writing program.  Guided Reading is for the most part up and going at Willard.  The Reading Assessment Walls and the Math Diary Mapping are both up and going.  Investigations is  underway.  Matt and Rachel have been working to help get everyone comfortable with the technology.  We will spend our next months refining what we are doing, and using what we learn to make instruction better.  I will have more time to plan with Matt and Rachel, as well as more time for working in your classrooms. 

One of the things I am most excited about is the wiki we are using to add the interactive lessons or activities you are creating.  This is a place for you to contribute.  Matt, Rachel, and I will also contribute, but the goal is for this to be a place to share what you are doing district-wide.  If you create a Smart Notebook lesson, try it with your students, and it is successful, please email or let one of us know and we will get it on the wiki.  Eventually, we will have a wealth of resources to use.  I will continue to add web sites and resources to my resource page, and  Smart Notebook files will be added to our wiki.  Many of the Smart Notebook files I add to the wiki will be on the K-4 Resources page because they can be used and adapted to the reading and writing levels of your students.  Be sure to check our Squeaky Bats(Vocabulary-Spelling-Word Work) and the Story Log (K-4 Resources) on the wiki!

I hope this is a time for you to settle in with your class and begin refining the work you started.  Try to take time to enjoy the process!  Happy November!

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