Sunday Mornings in the Ozarks

j0438525This morning as I sit at my computer writing to you, my mind keeps moving to the stack of new journals I want to read.  The email notifications about my online journals draw me to get a cup of coffee and just browse.  Early Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week.  I wake up early, get a cup of coffee, and find a comfortable place to look at my professional reading.  This morning, however, I have to curb that inclination and get my work finished so I be part of the family activities planned for this afternoon.

I couldn’t help but look at one of my favorite writing websites for just a minute. . . and I am glad that I did!  There is a new K-1 site on WritingFix.  Be sure to scroll down to the pictures of the books and click on one.  The authors of that site have created 6 Trait lessons for the books pictured. 

Here is a quick link:

Last week we started our book study on The Daily 5 and CAFE.  We have a great group of people from across the district, and I am looking forward to our Monday morning conversations!  One of the best features of our book study is the fact that it is made up of teachers from across the district.  What a wonderful opportunity for us to share our thoughts and ideas. 

Don’t forget to check out the resources and other pages on our blog.  As you let me know you need things, I am trying get them posted for you to use.  There are also a few new contributions from you on the lesson plans wiki.  Remember, we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel–let’s share what we create!

As I get ready for my busy Sunday, I want to take a minute and tell you how much I am enjoying working with you.  You are truly a group of hard-working, dedicated teachers, and I feel blessed to be a part of you.  Have a happy Sunday!

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