Being Thankful

What an exciting time to be in education!  Last week the fourth grade teachers did an amazing job with Digital Storytelling.  They created their stories with PhotoStory 3 and used the pictures to support details and add voice to their writing.  Technology opens up a whole new world for us.  The exciting part is the thinking that goes with how to use the technology to allow our students to  do something they could not do without it.   The writing our teachers produced was full of voice and supporting details–will we see the same results with our kids?  I am thankful to be in a district where technology is becoming more available for us to use.

There are so many reasons for us to be thankful this week!   I hope you get the chance to visit with family and friends this Thanksgiving, and you find some time for yourself to rest and relax.   The halls of the elementary schools show how hard you and your students have worked this year, and the displays on the walls leave tracks where your teaching has taken our students.  I am thankful to be part of a faculty where students do come first.

As I sign off this week, I want to leave you with a new interactive reading site.  It was recommended on one of my favorite sites, and it does look promising.  Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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