Scaffolding vs.Rescuing

The scene outside makes me want to be a kid again.  The neighborhood kids are busy playing in the snow, and if I could think of a good reason to join them, I would.  

It’s not so bad inside, however.  The sun is streaming through the window, and I am nestled in a blanket on the couch reading some of my favorite journals.  Today’s reading  is an online selection called Choice Literacy, and the article that particularly catches my attention is entitled “Are you Scaffolding  or Rescuing.”   The author of that article talks about the difference between the two and how important it is to scaffold.   There is also a list of questions to ask ourselves to see if we have a tendency to rescue rather than scaffold our students. 

(With the help of a web highlighting and sticky note site called Diigo,  I’ve pulled a page from that article, highlighted areas that grabbed my attention, and added my thoughts on sticky notes.  I’ve also left the sticky notes public so you can add your thoughts.  This is a great way for us to look at and respond to the same information.  Think about using Diigo in the classroom.  What a great way to let kids see your thinking.  Think about scanning student writing, or a page of a book, using Diigo to annotate, and sharing on the Smart Board or screen.  A very simple tool that can make your thinking more concrete for students.)

So . . . as I was saying about scaffolding vs. rescuing students before the plug for Diigo, the article I’ve linked has some interesting thoughts on how we interact with students.  I hope you leave some comments!

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