The Robins are Back!

The robins are back!  This morning as I sat at my computer in my study, a robin serenaded me from the tree outside my window.  It made my Sunday morning reading even more enjoyable! 

As I was looking through my favorite sites, Choice Literacy, once again caught my attention.  Here is a link to an article about using Web 2.0 for collaboration.  Be looking for an email from me that invites you to try one of the collaboration tools talked about in the article.  Also, be thinking about how you can use these tools both as a teacher in the classroom and as a professional collaborating with other professionals.

I really feel we are teaching in a very exciting time–the possibilities of the things we can do is growing each day!  What are the implications for literacy instruction?  The teacher no longer has to be the only audience of what our kids are writing.  Other classrooms and other students can respond to their writing.  Other students can give book recommendations and write book reviews for our kids to read and share.  Our students can write their own books and share them with an audience that goes beyond our school, and our Smart Boards and projectors can now make anything into a big book!  As we integrate our technology with our literacy instruction, what does it look like for our students?  We truly can become a community of learners as we grow and learn beside them!

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