Exercise, IPhone, and Literacy

It’s easy for me to get lost in my online reading.  Early Saturday morning can turn into early Saturday afternoon if I am not careful.  And .  . . to make keeping track of time even more important . . .  the weather is beautiful–just right for exercising outside.  This morning I think I found the solution to my time management issue:  combining all three in the form of Literacy 2.0.

Literacy 2.0 is sponsored by the International Reading Association and is a series of free, downloadable podcasts about literacy.  I spent part of my morning downloading the podcasts to my computer and IPhone, and then listening to them.  Now I can keep up with what is going on in the world of literacy and exercise!  What a deal!

I am eager to see if I get as involved with the podcasts as I do reading online.  If I do, getting in shape will be much easier.  If you want to work out with me, here’s the link to Literacy 2.0.   http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/literacy-2-0-the-new-frontier/id357933877.

Happy Reading and Exercising!

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