How Are We Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies

This morning I read an article by Ellin Oliver Keene that really made me think.  Ellin is a favorite of mine and I have used her reading comprehension work with many classrooms and many teachers.  In her article, Ellin talks about how we teach reading  comprehension–about the depth of the thinking we get from our students, and the need to push our kids to respond to the reading in a deeper fashion.  Our students “know” the reading comprehension strategies and can give us answers to the questions we ask.  But do the answers they give us really help them go deeper as a reader?  The article takes you through a conference with a reader and how Ellin Oliver Keene keeps pushing the student to deeper understandings of what he already knew that helped him comprehend as a reader. 

Here is the article.  See what you think!

(By the way,  the IPhone and Podcasts that I talked about last week have done nothing but make me sore!  I find I lose time walking and listening, just like I do when I’m online in front of the computer.  The nice thing about this is I may lose a few pounds!)  Happy Reading!

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