Spotlight on eBooks

Last evening I visited with some teachers who have been teaching for some time.  Along with the usual stories about students, MAP testing, and money woes came a new conversation: technology integration.  It was interesting to me how excited these teachers were, and how eager they were to share with me what they had been doing with reading, writing, and technology.  To hear us talking, you would think we were just beginning our careers.  Instead, all of us had at least 18 years in the classroom!  The energy we were feeling came from learning right along with our students, and not being afraid to try new things.

This week I want to highlight some of the great things going on with ebooks in our classrooms.  Take a look at what is happening with literacy in Mrs. Roweton’s Kindergarten classroom at South, and what is happening with literacy in Mrs. Walter’s Second Grade classroom at South.  

Our teachers all over the district are now trying out Myebooks with their students.  This site allows students to create and publish their own books, and provides an audience for their writing that extends way beyond the classroom.   See what you think!



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