With just a couple of weeks left in the school year, our K-3 teachers “graduated” last week from the Missouri Reading Initiative.  Our trainer left us with videos of the learning and teaching that is taking place in our classrooms each day.  She also wrote us a poem. (Could we expect anything less from a reading and writing teacher?) Enjoy! 

Reflections on MRI Graduation 
MRI stands for reading and writing
In a Comprehensive Model
Not a medical name.
Though I must admit,
There were times it caused pain.
The workshops, the manual-
Overwhelming, at times, from Day 1
How were we ever

To get this all done?

Guided reading, leveled books, Daily Five,

Workstations, and those darn DRA’s.

Is this all worth learning?

Or just a passing phase?

Well, we dove right in and tried

This Comprehensive Model-

At least in Guided Reading

We now have time to sit!

Then 2nd year, we regrouped

And focused on our writing.

We learned to use

The pens, anchor charts, and mentor texts.

And kids began to produce

Work that was downright exciting!

In the 3rd year, deeper thinking was the goal.

Assessment to inform instruction,

Common beliefs, strategic behaviors,

The role of language,

The list is long!

Is this what once

Frustrated us so?

MRI’s been a journey,

Our knowledge hard earned

We’re amazed when we look back

At all we have learned.

We now speak the same language,

What’ve we learned is–

The “Apprenticeship” Frame

That reult in kid’s gains.

We’ve all worked together.

Now teach as an alliance.

So look at us—what we do-

Is truly Rocket Science!!!!


 Congratulations MRI Graduates!!!!!!!!

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