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Welcome Back!

The first full week of school is over and things seem to be going amazingly well.  The classrooms are filled with fresh ideas and new students eager to be there.    The new kindergarten students with their sparkling eyes and contagious enthusiasm are learning the ways of school, and our kindergarten teachers are amazing!  They patiently work with these new faces, helping each student feel welcomed and cared-for.   As I was reading this weekend, I ran across an article that made me smile.The Case for $320,000.00 Kindergarten Teachers by David Leohardt was featured in the New York Times.  Take a minute and read this short article–it helps us realize how important good teachers are in the lives of the students they teach.

This week I am featuring one of our kindergarten teachers at South, Lindsay Wallace.  Lindsay shares an idea about linking the abc chart to songs.  Thanks, Lindsay, for sharing!

The abc chart is on the G drive under Kindergarten.

Mrs. Wallace Explains