Westward Expansion TeelTec Style

This week our fourth grade students in Mrs. Teel’s tech class used Photo Story 3 to wind-up their study of westward expansion in the United States.  During the unit, students became the various characters of an imaginary trip westward.  As they participated in the various scenarios, the students wrote in character in their journals.

The journals became the starting point of the Photo Story project.  From there, the students worked collaborately to decide which journal entries would be selected, and how they would be sequenced.  Pictures were taken of the students dressed in their pioneer clothes with their westward expansion “families”   Artistically, students had to choose which effect would make the pictures look like they were taken during the westward expansion era of our country.

Mrs. Teel is planning on using this Photo Story video as a way to introduce westward exapansion to her students next year.  Thanks, Mrs. Teel, for a great idea for using Photo Story!

Take a look at what our fourth graders can do!

Westward Expansion from betty teel on Vimeo.