Technology in the Primary Grades

What happens when you add tecnology, literacy, and kindergarten-first grade students?  This week our feature classrooms are Kelly Dunn’s, Jaime Roweton’s, and Lindsay Wallace’s.  Take a look at what is happening in our primary wing.  Thanks to the wonderful teachers of those students who took the time and risk to make this happen!

Kelly’s First Grade 

Our Netbook Adventure

Jaime and Lindsay Skyping with Kindergartners

Our Skyping Adventure


Marzano and Vocabulary Instruction

Lately, the topic of vocabulary instruction keeps coming up when teachers talk about student progress.  How do we help our kids learn the vocabulary they need to understand the concepts being taught?  Our kindergarten teachers worry about students coming to kindergarten without strong language acquisition, and our fourth grade teachers struggle to help students build the vocabulary to understand grade-level reading passages.  Students who start out behind continue to be behind unless there is intervention.  So  . . . what do we know about teaching vocabulary?

As I was searching for more information on vocabulary instruction, I ran across this blog sited in one of my online journals.  I hope it helps!

Marzano’s 7 Steps to Vocabulary Instruction

Focus on Writing

How do we make sure our kids are writing as much as they need to write in order to improve their writing and still keep our heads above water when it comes to assessing all that writing?  This week, I ran across an article with some interesting points about how and what we should assess.   Enjoy!

Something to Think About

  This weekend I finally got caught up on some of my professional reading.  One of the articles really made me stop and think.  Here is the link for some food for thought.

Tutoring Resources

Coming Soon–Resources we can share.

   Keep checking back to see what online resources we can   share as we begin the tutoring sessions across the district.

Welcome Back!

The first full week of school is over and things seem to be going amazingly well.  The classrooms are filled with fresh ideas and new students eager to be there.    The new kindergarten students with their sparkling eyes and contagious enthusiasm are learning the ways of school, and our kindergarten teachers are amazing!  They patiently work with these new faces, helping each student feel welcomed and cared-for.   As I was reading this weekend, I ran across an article that made me smile.The Case for $320,000.00 Kindergarten Teachers by David Leohardt was featured in the New York Times.  Take a minute and read this short article–it helps us realize how important good teachers are in the lives of the students they teach.

This week I am featuring one of our kindergarten teachers at South, Lindsay Wallace.  Lindsay shares an idea about linking the abc chart to songs.  Thanks, Lindsay, for sharing!

The abc chart is on the G drive under Kindergarten.

Mrs. Wallace Explains

Welcome to Summer!

It is hard to believe the year is over!  It has been a wonderful, busy, full of surprises nine months!  Let’s take time to relax, renew, and recharge, and use the break to discover many wonderful things to bring back to the classroom. 

My summer reading list is a long one, and I look forward to spending some time with my favorite authors.  But I also look forward to long walks, hiking, and exploring new places.  I hope you have a long list of things you want to do this summer, too!

We will end this year with another tribute to what is happening in our classrooms.  This week, we will look at how one of our Willard North teachers worked on voice in Writing Workshop.  Listen to how Scarlett explains the project and then read the ebook the kids put together.  What a great way to integrate technology and writing strategies!

A second grade writing project

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Myebook – Frog, Where Are You?

Also, third grade at Willard South has been working very hard on creating their Technology Portfolios.  Under the leadership of our computer teacher, Mrs. Sims, and each third grade teacher,  the third graders created a collection of projects they have worked on this year.  Their portfolios are stored on Myebooks.  I will send you the username and password in my email this week.  What amazing things our teachers and students are doing!

Have a wonderful summer!